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Dear friends of the Milonga Fantasia Intima.

Friday 25 November 2022 is the day again.
The Milonga Fantasia Inima 2022 starts.

I am confident that this year will be even better than 2021 and that we will finally have changed from the pandemic to the endmie.
With that, there would be no more restrictions.

That's why I'm already starting to plan as normal.

What makes me particularly happy:
Live music again this year with Juliane Birkenholz and Michael Dolak.

Last year, with a heavy heart, I did without them, but this year they are back and you can enjoy their virtuoso tangos, milongas and valses.

During the live set breaks, Michael Sattler will, as usual, animate us to dance with his best tandas.

To get us in the mood for this sensual evening, Michaela and Tom will again offer a workshop of a special kind.

So the basic framework is already in place and my anticipation grows from day to day.

If you want to take part in the Milonga Fantasia Intima 2022, you have to register with the newsletter.
Those who have not yet registered can do so here:

There is a special reason for this:
Shortly before the Milonga Fantasia Intima 2022 there will be some newsletters, especially for registered guests only.

Of course, this has the advantage that you will always be informed in time.

If you are afraid of receiving too many newsletters, I can reassure you that in normal years (without Corona) there are usually a maximum of 15 newsletters a year.

To a wonderful Milonga Fantsia Intima 2022
Abrazos Ludwig