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Dear friends of Milonga Fantasia Intima.

A roaring night of the senses is over.
The Milonga Fantasia Intima 2019 is history.

It was again a huge pleasure for me to watch you dance and to immerse myself in the dance pleasure with the sensual Tangueras.

From the successful workshop to the evening with Michaela and Tom.
About Michael who as a DJ again adapted his tandas to the mood of the evening.
Up to Juliane (piano) and Gerado (bandoneon) who spoiled us with three wonderful live sets.

This morning I left the location tired and dull, but I still feel the vibration of the night and see the images in my mind's eye.
I haven't slept much, but I can do that tonight.

After the Milonga Fantasia Intima 2019, is before the Milonga Fantasia Intima 2020.

I'm already looking forward to it enormously.

Abrazos Ludwig